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Self employed

You love working for yourself, and we understand! Being your own boss, flexible hours, spending more time with your family, not having to report to anyone… Really great benefits!

However, you often hear that it gets complicated when it’s time to borrow… That most banks want to see financial statements or a ton of paperwork… That you have to provide endless explanations…

Well, those days are over! Now, many financial institutions have adapted their eligibility criteria to the realities of the labour market, which has more and more self-employed workers.

As a result, a line of products designed especially for self-employed workers is now available to you for purchasing or refinancing a property, whether you are the occupying owner or an investor. Now, you may not need to provide any financial statements, and that means less paperwork and fewer forms to complete.

Consult the First-time Buyers section of our site to learn how to maximize your equity with the Home Buyer’s Plan. This tool could be a big help in making your dreams come true very soon.
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