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Revenue properties\commercial

2 to 4 units, occupant owner

You put a little money aside and you wish to become the occupying owner of a revenue building with incomes from two to four units. Congratulations! You would be wise to consider getting pre-authorized loan.

Before your dream becomes a reality, ask yourself if you are able to make the right choice from the many mortgage products available. If you are not sure, take advantage of our experienced advisors to help you make the right decision.

1 to 6 units, non-occupant owner

Rather invest in a revenue building with one to six units without living there? Be careful! Finding a mortgage loan is going to be difficult. This is not the kind of investor financial institutions look for… It would be smart to choose a pre-authorised loan. Consult our specialists; they will be able to find the necessary financing according to your financial situation.

Approval of your application can be long and painful because, from one bank to another, the approval criteria vary considerably. This is where our advisors and our expertise can save you a lot of time and money.

7 units and more

You think that investing in a building of seven units and more is a simple, problem-free process! You’re deceiving yourself! In this area, every financial institution’s rules, criteria, expenses and portfolio analyses are quite different. To complete your project without too many worries, use our know-how. We can support you and demystify the procedure to simplify the task for you!

Commercial or semi-commercial

You wish to invest in a commercial or semi-commercial revenue building. Plan-Hypothèque (Mortgage Plan) has the expertise! We would be pleased to help you because this is highly complex and specialized financing.

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