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First home buyer

This is it! You have decided to become a homeowner. It’s an exciting time. You’re planning your living room decor… imagining the flowers for your garden… lovely! But not so fast! Have you thought about getting a pre-authorized mortgage? It’s a great way to avoid disappointment…

Come see us for a pre-authorised mortgage. It’s an essential tool for maximising your house hunting. It will ease the negotiation of your offer to purchase and show your real estate agent or contractor that you are a serious first-time buyer.

With a pre-authorized mortgage, you will know your maximum loan according to your budget and you will be able to determine your real needs. Furthermore, a pre-authorised loan offers protection against the rise in interest rates. So, your maximum mortgage payment will be protected for the given period.

Now that you have your pre-authorised loan, let us present various programs that will facilitate acquiring your first property.

Rebate program (cashback)

Buying a house and getting some money back could be a great way to start! You could save money for the additional expenses of purchasing your house, such as new decorations, new gardening tools or even to pay off your debts. If you choose this scenario, our specialists will be able to find the best deal available from the many financial institutions. Call us !

5% downpayment program

Can you put down the minimum required by mortgage insurers? No problem! You have the right to the same conditions as any other borrower. Put down 5% of the purchase price and save $$$ by working with one of our mortgage brokers. Contact us now !

Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP)

This program allows you to use your RRSP to buy your first home. You not only have the possibility of using your existing RRSP, but you can also borrow for a new RRSP with the aim of substantial tax savings. Let us explain the details and conditions of this program to you! This could be a great way to start your new life as a homeowner!

Additional fees when purchasing your first home

Okay! Your mortgage choice is finally done. All that remains is eagerly waiting for moving day. But while waiting, click here to see a short list of expenses that you can expect when taking possession of your new home. Count on 3% to 4% of the purchase price for these costs.

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